Book Review: Horrific Modern Tales by Nick Schroeder

07/27/2022     Charli     Book Reviews

I received this book for free from BookSirens in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Horrific Modern Tales by Nick SchroederHorrific Modern Tales by Nick Schroeder
Published by Self-Published on July 11, 2022
Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Short Stories (single author)
Pages: 85
Format: eBook
Source: BookSirens
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A DM from a long-forgotten classmate. Warnings from the beyond. A product with some unwanted side effects. What draws us to these tales of the unknown? Why do we seek out fear? Dim your screens, settle into a warm blanket, then dive into these horrific modern tales and let your imagination — and fear — run wild.

A collection of chilling and thought-provoking horror stories, with nightmare illustrations.

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So I went into this book looking for short horror stories. What I got was a bit on the meh side. They were good – I’m not saying they weren’t, because they were. But they weren’t anything that was particularly memorable. I think the only ones I can honestly say I remember much about are Grippi and The Child. Other than that, they weren’t all that memorable for me. Usually horror reads stick with me after I’m finished with them and these just didn’t. Maybe it was because of how short they were.

That being said, they were sufficiently creepy. The illustrations helped with the atmosphere for the creepiness in a big way. But the stories themselves were super short. I read the entire book in maybe an hour. Which is great for when you need a quick something to get you out of a reading slump or you just want something quick to read because you don’t have the time or energy for a full, drawn out horror novel experience.

I think my biggest issue was the rather abrupt endings some of the stories have. I get the reasoning – the more abrupt the ending, the creepier or scarier the story will seem. But for some of them, I think they could have been a hair longer and given a slightly better ending experience.

I gave the book 3 stars because it was good, but I think it could use some improvement. I look forward to reading more from the author.


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