NetGalley Check-In #15

09/18/2022     Charli     Meme

I got this idea from Danni at _ForBooksSake – each week, I will detail what my current NetGalley feedback ratio is, what books I have in the NetGalley TBR, what books I’m currently reading, and what books I’ve finished, if any. So let’s get on with this week’s NetGalley Check-In.

Well, I did it again. No books read on my NetGalley shelf and no books added to it either. I’m starting to wonder why I keep doing these check-in posts since nothing changes. But, I do have The Hive by Gregg Olsen in my “currently reading” pile, so there is that. Let’s see what happens between now and next Sunday.

If anyone has any advice as to how to get myself to read my NetGalley books, please let me know.

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