Movie Review: The Gray Man

07/26/2022     Charli     Movie Reviews

I’ve decided to add something new to Charli’s Book Box – movie reviews. I watch a fair amount of movies and I thought maybe you’d like to hear my thoughts on them. Besides – a lot of bookstores also sell movies, so…. let’s get into our first movie – The Gray Man.

The Gray Man | July 22, 2022 (United States) 6.6


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When I logged into Netflix and saw that The Gray Man was finally available to watch (I’d pre-saved it to my list before it was even available), I immediately plugged my laptop in, grabbed my headphones, and started it up. Now, let me preface this by saying I have not read the book. After watching the movie, the book is on my TBR, but that’s a whole other post.

One thing I love about most action/adventure movies is that they tend to get right into the action. The Gray Man is no exception. I was interested from the very beginning. I wasn’t bored waiting for the action to start, which is very good because I have trouble with movies that don’t get going quickly. The longer it takes for the movie to get going, the more likely I am to turn it off and find something else. The fact that I didn’t want to do that with this one says a lot.1Despite absolutely loving Chris Evans, if the movie is boring me, I’m not going to watch it… even if he’s in it. LOL

I think the choices for the main characters – Sierra Six, Lloyd Hansen, and Dani Miranda, were spot on. I also enjoyed seeing Billy Bob Thornton playing Fitzroy. Ryan Gosling as Sierra Six/Six was a great choice. He did an excellent job of playing the “good guy” and was a perfect foil for Chris Evans’ Lloyd Hansen. Speaking of Lloyd – Chris plays a damn good asshole. As much as I love Chris, I wanted to reach through the screen and slap Lloyd upside his fool head for most of the movie. He played his part extremely well – except for one part that he really overacted, but hey… it was still good. And Ana de Armas kicked ass as Dani Miranda. They all did a great job and the casting department did a superb job with the casting.

This movie is packed with action from the very get go. You’ll be enraptured from the very beginning because the story pulls you in. You have to know if Six is going to get out of whatever mess he’s currently in. There are some amazing special effects in this movie as well, making everything seem real even though you know it isn’t.

The Russo brothers directed this movie and I’ll say this – they did an awesome job, as always.

I’m not a huge fan of action/adventure movies and actually don’t watch a lot of them. So the fact that I adored this movie proves that it’s got to be a good one. This one gets a 5 star rating from me.

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