Unlimited by Davis Bunn

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At first glance you’d never know this was a Christian fiction story. The way the book starts out, you’d think you had started your ordinary, run of the mill action/adventure/mystery novel. But as you go on, you see sprinklings of why this is a Christian fiction story. The story was a very good one–and I admit that the mark of Christianity is not over done so the reader isn’t feeling left bombarded by calls to become a Christian as often happens with books that contain members who aren’t yet a Christian. In fact, while the Christianity in the book is obvious, it shouldn’t make anyone uncomfortable if they simply wanted to read a good book. This book moves fairly quickly, which is nice. There isn’t a lot of superfluous writing here–no lengthy descriptions of inconsequential things, just good solid storytelling. I kept wondering who was the mysterious “Jefe” and honestly […]

The Race by Darrell Waltrip, Kyle Froman, & Billy Mauldin

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I’ve been a NASCAR fan for quite a while so I know who Darrell Waltrip is. And I’ll admit, I thought this book was going to be more about racing than about being a Christian. I suppose I should have expected the Christianity bit by the publisher, but I wasn’t paying attention when I picked it. The book is surprisingly good and shows how you can live a life on the road, working every Sunday, and still keep and spread your Christian faith. While Darrell doesn’t so much talk about how he’s shared his faith–he talks more about how he kept it than how he’s shared it–Kyle Froman and Billy Mauldin talk about sharing faith as chaplains for MRO (Motor Racing Outreach). The Race brings a new perspective to Christianity. It brings the perspective of people who know that it is a struggle to be a Christian in our world […]

I Will by Thom S. Rainer

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This book will definitely step on some readers’ toes. I’ve always heard that a good sermon or a good book on how to be a proper Christian will step on your toes. That’s not always a good thing. In the case of I Will, it is. Too many times Christians (and non-Christians as well) focus too much on themselves. What they want. What they feel they need. How they think the church and other people in it should act. I fully admit even as a non-Christian that I have a specific idea of how a church I attend should handle their affairs. I have a specific idea of how the music should be, how the preacher should preach, how the congregation should act. And that’s not OK. I Will is about changing the attitude of church members from being focused on themselves, what they want, what they feel they need, […]

Autopsy of a Deceased Church by Thom S. Rainer

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I found this book to be quite interesting and eye opening.  I’d always wondered what could possibly cause a particular church location to shut its doors and now I have a fairly good idea of what those reasons are. Rainer doesn’t sugar coat the truth about why churches die. While to someone who might be a member of a dying church might see this as Rainer being a jerk, he really isn’t. He’s telling it like it is – this is a fairly apt description of what is killing your church and here are some ways you can fix it. I like that the book doesn’t just cover what’s wrong with a dying church but also gives ways in which it can be fixed–or in the case of a church that is clearly dying and unable to be turned around, how it can die with dignity. I’ll admit some of […]

City of Blades by Robert Jackson Bennett

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City of Blades started out as a book I didn’t think I’d be able to get into. At first it just didn’t seem to be that interesting. I’m glad I stuck it out because if I hadn’t, I’d have missed one of the best books I’ve read in the last year! The second book in a series that began with City of Stairs, City of Blades can easily stand on its own. I had no issues with understanding what was going on. There is enough of the backstory to allow the reader to know what is going on and what happened in the past to make the story clear. This book is kind of like a fantasy version of a mystery thriller. There is a bit of a whodunit in City of Blades as well as a fair bit of action. The world woven here is much like our own […]