Author: Billy Mauldin

The Race by Darrell Waltrip, Kyle Froman, & Billy Mauldin

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I’ve been a NASCAR fan for quite a while so I know who Darrell Waltrip is. And I’ll admit, I thought this book was going to be more about racing than about being a Christian. I suppose I should have expected the Christianity bit by the publisher, but I wasn’t paying attention when I picked it. The book is surprisingly good and shows how you can live a life on the road, working every Sunday, and still keep and spread your Christian faith. While Darrell doesn’t so much talk about how he’s shared his faith–he talks more about how he kept it than how he’s shared it–Kyle Froman and Billy Mauldin talk about sharing faith as chaplains for MRO (Motor Racing Outreach). The Race brings a new perspective to Christianity. It brings the perspective of people who know that it is a struggle to be a Christian in our world […]