Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Spooky Bookshelf, located at, is a blog run by Charity Gamble for the purpose of reviewing and promoting books.

Here at The Spooky Bookshelf we only collect your personal data for the following reasons:

  • For analytics purposes – browser, IP address, etc.
  • For commenting purposes – name, email, IP address (for spam detection purposes)
  • For giveaway purposes – name, email, address, etc., as needed for giveaways.

Analytics information is shared only with Google Analytics – we do not use any other analytics services on this blog.

As far as giveaways are concerned, information will be collected for the purpose of ensuring your prize gets to you. This will include your email, name, and address. This information will only be shared with parties necessary to get your prize to you – for example, the publishing company if they are sending the prize out themselves. If I am sending the prize out, your information will not be stored past the time which your prize reaches you.