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September 2022 TBR

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Ok, last month I had a fairly ambitious TBR – and didn’t read a single book on it. I read 11 books, and not one of them was on the TBR list. This month, I’m doing something a bit different. My TBR list is only going to be 6 books long, but there’s a catch – they’re all books on my “currently reading” shelf on Goodreads. Our Crooked Hearts by Melissa Albert Time of the Twins by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman Reviving The Rhythm by Amy Kaybach The Dark One by Nikki St. Crowe The Last Smile in Sunder City by Luke Arnold The Hive by Gregg Olsen Ok, so there are the books in question. Why did I only put these 6 books on my list and nothing else? Because I’ve told myself that I’m not allowed to add anymore books to my “Currently Reading” shelf until I’ve […]

Monthly TBR: August 2022

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I don’t normally do TBR lists anymore because I’ve been mood reading a lot lately. But I do have a few books I’d like to get read this month, so I’m going to do a TBR this month and see how many of them I get through. A lot of these are going to be NetGalley Queue books. Sword of the Seven Sins by Emily Colin For the Wolf by Hannah Whitten For the Throne by Hannah Whitten The Hive by Gregg Olsen The Princess Will Save You by Sarah Henning The Queen Will Betray You by Sarah Henning The King Will Kill You by Sarah Henning Foretold by Violet Lumani Siege of the Seven Sins by Emily Colin I may not get through all of these, and I may read some books that aren’t part of this list, but these are the books I want to at least try […]

Monthly TBR: May 2021

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Yes, I know, I’m a bit on the late site – it’s the 6th and I’m just now posting my TBR. Whoops. So last month, I didn’t stick to my TBR very well. I considered not doing a TBR this month, but then decided to add a few books to a list and then see what happens. This month I’m going to try to make my TBR books that I need to review for NetGalley, to try to get my NetGalley queue down. So, let’s get to the TBR. The Nature of Witches by Rachel GriffinUnder the Whispering Door by T. J. KluneWhat We Devour by Linsey MillerSmall Favors by Erin A. CraigChasing the Boogeyman by Richard ChizmarThe Sisters of Reckoning by Charlotte Nicole DavisGo the Distance by Jen CalonitaTie Die by Max Tomlinson Now, I’m not going to say I won’t read anything else, as I have a few […]

Monthly TBR: April 2021

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This month I have a selection of books that I’ve checked out from my local library – or ones that I plan to check out from the library. I also have one book on this month’s TBR that I got through NetGalley. So without further delay, here is my April 2020 TBR. Songs from the Deep by Kelly PowellThe Beautiful by Renee AhdiehThe Electric Heir by Victoria LeeThe Dark Vault by VE SchwabCarve the Mark by Veronica RothThe Fates Divide by Veronica RothMost Likely by Sarah WatsonThe Devouring Gray by Christine Lynn HermanThe Deck of Omens by Christine Lynn HermanWicked Saints by Emily A. DuncanRuthless Gods by Emily A. DuncanThe Hazel Wood by Melissa AlbertThe Night Country by Melissa AlbertGo the Distance by Jen Calonita There could be more books added to the TBR if some of the others I have on hold at the library come in – such […]

December TBR

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So November was kind of a bust when it came to reading. This month, I’m hoping to get more reading done than in November. Most of the books I’m planning to read this month are either for book clubs, blog tours, or just to get my NetGalley/Edelweiss TBRs down. I’m too lazy to grab pics of the covers today, so… Scythe by Neal Shusterman – I need to read this for YA Book Club at Barnes & Noble.Jupiter’s Fire by William Osborne – Blog TourThe Slayings in Syndenham by Alice Castle – Blog TourWild Sky by Lexi Rees – Blog TourDie Every Day by Gordon Bickerstaff – Blog TourBelle Revolté by Linsey Miller – NetGalleyThe Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert – Prep for The Night CountryThe Night Country by Melissa Albert – NetGalleyLegacy of Night by C. D. Travenor – NetGalleySafeguard by John A. Daly – NetGalley I’m going to […]