Author: Giuseppe Cafiero

Edgar Allan Poe: The Ambiguity of Death by Giuseppe Cafiero

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I put this book as a rating of Abandoned because I abandoned it, but honestly, the book was horrible. The book reads like a grade school essay. It’s disjointed, disconnected, and nearly impossible to make sense of. I requested to read this book because I love Edgar Allan Poe. I thought this was supposed to be some sort of biography of Edgar Allan Poe. Instead what I got was a mishmash of nonsense that related to his life but made no sense. The author jumps around from person to person who supposedly knew Poe, trying to gather pieces of his life in what I assume is an attempt to make a timeline of his life and possibly to figure out why he wrote what he did. The problem is, none of it makes a bit of sense. While this may be due in part to the book having been translated […]