Author: Jody Holford

Deadly News by Jody Holford

Posted 03/17/2019 by Charli - 0 Comments -

Cozy mysteries are a relatively new found love of mine. Deadly News by Jody Holford fits the bill perfectly. A murder in a sleepy Oregon town and a complete mystery, with twists that aren’t telegraphed six chapters before they happen, are what you’ll find with this book. Quaint touches, such as referring to a Coke or Pepsi as a cola, are found throughout the book. The hint of danger that pervades the book and the sleepy little town, despite it being your typical small town, keep you on you toes and the edge of your seat. The budding romance between Molly and Sam – which was telegraphed immediately – is sweet but not overly sweet. The book is also not steamy, which is nice as well. The book is quite well written and can be read in a single night if the reader is of a mind to do so. […]