Author: Kathleen Harryman

Book Review: When Darkness Falls by Kathleen Harryman

Posted 07/18/2022 by Charli - 0 Comments -

Trigger Warnings: Sexual Abuse, Sexual Abuse of a Child, Gore, Murder, Forced Suicide, Mental Health Related Illness/Diagnosis. When I picked up When Darkness Falls by Kathleen Harryman through NetGalley, I wasn’t expecting that the book had already come out in 2017 and had a sequel. While I haven’t yet read the sequel, I am going to give my thoughts on the first book. Our story is being narrated in the first person by a mysterious character whose name we will later learn is Lauren. Lauren has it out for Tracy and wants her gone. Pretty quickly into the book I deduced what was going on with Lauren and Tracy – which I will not be spoiling for you – although I had to wait until the end of the book to find out that I’d been correct the entire time. The characters are interesting enough – I felt Lauren was […]