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Cover Reveal: Broken Perfect Lies by Katie Wismer

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Hello everyone! Today I’m bringing you something I don’t usually feature on my blog – a cover reveal! However, I’m absolutely loving the cover for this book – and I love the author as well. She’s been one of the YouTube accounts I watch for several years now, plus I’ve read a couple of her other novels (you can find reviews for one of them on this blog as well). So without further rambling, here is the book cover!! Pre-order links for Book Depository, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble are in the info block below, but you can also pre-order from BookShop or pre-order signed copies from Katie’s website as well.

The Anti-Relationship Year by Katie Wismer

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CW: Pregnancy, Pregnancy Termination, Depression Happy Book Birthday to The Anti-Relationship Year!!! Last year, I read and reviewed The Anti-Virginity Pact (TAVP) and wondered then if we would ever see a book with any of the characters from that book again. Well, this year, Katie Wismer has brought us a sequel – that can be read as a standalone. The Anti-Relationship Year (TARY) focuses on Johanna, who goes by Jo. The book bounces back and forth between her freshman and senior years of college, giving us a glimpse of what happens to her during her freshman year that influences how she behaves in her senior year. Character wise, I love Johanna – I loved her in TAVP, and I love her just as much in TARY. She goes through so much, but she does what is necessary to help herself get better. I also really like Miller. He is Jo’s […]