Author: Sara Walters

Book Review: The Violent Season by Sara Walters

Posted 07/04/2022 by Charli - 1 Comment -

I’ve been sleeping on The Violent Season by Sara Walters and I have to say, I am not proud of that fact. I really am not. So let’s see why it is a bad thing that I slept on this book for so long. First, a quick trigger warning – murder, sexual assault, suicide, death, gore, fire, depression. If you choose to read this book, please be careful to protect yourself. Characters There are three characters I want to talk about here… Wyatt Wyatt is our main character. She’s still reeling from her mother’s brutal murder the year before our story takes place. She still wants answers. She’s broken and that is very apparent from the start of the story. She isn’t super likable, but she isn’t horrible either. I’d probably have been friends with her in high school, if I’m being honest. Cash Wyatt’s love interest – at least […]