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Stars of the Rock ‘N’ Roll Highway by Victoria Micklish Pasmore

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Before I give you my thoughts, let me preface it with the fact that I know it was meant for children. That being said, no. Just no. First, I don’t know any child who would actually care about old Rockabilly artists that were, in most cases, old enough to be their great-grandparents. Second, this book is dry. It’s just a bunch of facts tossed down on paper – or in this case, in an eBook. There’s no character, no life, just a more or less cold recitation of facts. I could literally hear a boring teacher droning on in my head, reading this book to students who are doing anything they can to not fall asleep. That’s how boring this book is. I didn’t find any of the information particularly compelling to read and I certainly didn’t care about it once I was done. This is definitely not a book […]

Single, Gay, Christian by Gregory Coles

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This book wasn’t written for me. It probably wasn’t written for you either. Unless, of course, you happen to be LGBTQ, Christian, and single/celibate by choice. Gregory Coles did not write this book for straight Christians to teach them how to treat their LGBTQ sisters and brothers in Christ. He wrote this book to help those brothers and sisters in Christ who are LGBTQ understand they are not alone in their struggles. I’m not saying straight Christians can’t learn something from this book. I absolutely believe they can. They can learn what struggles a person who identifies with a sexual minority feels in the Church. How they cope. How scared, frustrated, and even how lonely they may feel. This book is a 5 star representation everyone should read, but any LGBTQ Christian needs to read.

Edgar Allan Poe: The Ambiguity of Death by Giuseppe Cafiero

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I put this book as a rating of Abandoned because I abandoned it, but honestly, the book was horrible. The book reads like a grade school essay. It’s disjointed, disconnected, and nearly impossible to make sense of. I requested to read this book because I love Edgar Allan Poe. I thought this was supposed to be some sort of biography of Edgar Allan Poe. Instead what I got was a mishmash of nonsense that related to his life but made no sense. The author jumps around from person to person who supposedly knew Poe, trying to gather pieces of his life in what I assume is an attempt to make a timeline of his life and possibly to figure out why he wrote what he did. The problem is, none of it makes a bit of sense. While this may be due in part to the book having been translated […]