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Book Review: Everyday Monsters by Travis Betz

Posted 06/24/2022 by Charli - 0 Comments -

Everyday Monsters is a cute, OK read, in my opinion. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t terrible either. Allow me to explain: I’m going to deviate from the way I’ve done the last few reviews because, well, there’s a lot going on. For one, there are just too many characters that end up being central to the story to sit here and try to tell you a bit about each one and whether or not I liked them. I’m not used to seeing so many characters that are not only central to the story, but are the main featured character when a scene changes. Everyday Monsters is written in the third person, which is a good thing, since the scene changes don’t always happen at chapter changes – or even with a dividing line. Unfortunately, the amount of scene changes in the book make it slightly difficult to follow – […]

Hocus Pocus & The All-New Sequel by A. W. Jantha

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I’m going to be honest, if there ever was a sequel that didn’t need to exist, this one is it. For one thing, they wrote the first half of the book based on the the movie Hocus Pocus. The movie left no questions, other than maybe did Jay and Ernie/Ice get out of those cages. Other than that, we didn’t have any questions. It never once occurred to us that the Sanderson sisters might find a way to come back. The way the movie is set up, it is pretty obvious that they’re supposed to be gone forever once the sun rises if they don’t get to use the life potion. Not to mention, honestly, if you’re picking this book up, you’ve probably already seen the movie so you know the story. You don’t need the first half of the book. As far as the sequel, it wasn’t necessary. It […]

A Blink of the Screen: Collected Shorter Fiction by Terry Pratchett

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This was my first foray into reading Terry Pratchett and I have to say, although the stories were good, they weren’t GREAT. Part of this is due to some of the stories having been written a long time ago, when he’d first started writing. Part of this is also due to my not being particularly knowledgeable about Discworld, and so the Discworld stories didn’t really make any sense to me. Terry Pratchett’s writing style is very good. He knows how to tell a story. I’m not denying that. He knows how to develop characters in just a few short sentences so that a short story can get on with it. But some of the earlier works – I’m just not sure why the editors and publisher were willing to have them in there… and Terry himself was rather embarrassed by some of the stories. All in all, it was a […]