Genre: Media Tie-In

Unlimited by Davis Bunn

Posted 01/20/2016 by Charli - 0 Comments -

At first glance you’d never know this was a Christian fiction story. The way the book starts out, you’d think you had started your ordinary, run of the mill action/adventure/mystery novel. But as you go on, you see sprinklings of why this is a Christian fiction story. The story was a very good one–and I admit that the mark of Christianity is not over done so the reader isn’t feeling left bombarded by calls to become a Christian as often happens with books that contain members who aren’t yet a Christian. In fact, while the Christianity in the book is obvious, it shouldn’t make anyone uncomfortable if they simply wanted to read a good book. This book moves fairly quickly, which is nice. There isn’t a lot of superfluous writing here–no lengthy descriptions of inconsequential things, just good solid storytelling. I kept wondering who was the mysterious “Jefe” and honestly […]