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Book Review: The Devil’s Tree by Susan McCauley

Posted 02/18/2022 by Charli - 0 Comments -

While I might not review horror on this blog too often, I love a good horror novel. Even better if it’s YA Horror – I don’t see a lot of YA Horror novels out there. Well, The Devil’s Tree is an exception to that rule and I’m here for it. I’m using the CAWPILE method of reviewing for this book. Characters I have to say that I found the main characters, Dylan and Kaitlyn, to be very likable. The book dealt lightly with racism and classism, both of which are shown in how certain characters interact with and talk about other characters. It also goes into a bit of how one person might think someone else’s situation isn’t as bad just from seeing it on the outside. I was intrigued by how the dead remained characters in the book even after death. I won’t tell you who, but I will […]