Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

The Wicked King by Holly Black

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Another great novel that takes place in Faerie. You can really get a feel for how things work in the land of Faerie. You get to see war, love, betrayal, and you even get twists and turns you may not anticipate. This book could not have been a more perfect sequel to The Cruel Prince. Questions were answered, more questions were raised. You got to see what makes Jude and Cardan tick. I’ll be honest, I’ve been shipping them since The Cruel Prince. Locke, well, I’d like to smack him because I don’t think he’s right for Taryn and he’s such a brat. Then again, by the end of The Wicked King, I’d rather have beaten Taryn, Madoc, and Cardan than look at them. Cardan made me wonder what the hell he was thinking/doing, but I suppose the next book will give me the answers I need. This was another […]

The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

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Stories about Faerie fascinate me. The many different takes that never fail to include one common thread – Faerie is cruel, violent, & just plain a place no one should want to go. The Cruel Prince is everything Faerie is made out to be, but with one twist – mortals, humans, can play the games as well if they’re smart about it. Jude is the one who doesn’t fit in, kidn of wants to, but at the same time wants to fit in on her terms. She wants to be one of them, but not? Jude wants to fit in by being a member of the Court as someone’s knight. Taryn just wants to fit in. She just wants to be one of them, but not in the same way her twin sister Jude does. Taryn wants to fall in love and become the wife of one of the Gentry […]