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Blog Tour: The Witch Hunt by Sasha Peyton Smith

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Hello everyone! Today I’m bringing you another blog tour – but this time, it has a review attached to it. So without further delay, here is my review of The Witch Hunt by Sasha Peyton Smith. If you like – no if you LOVE books about witches, you’ll definitely want to read The Witch Hunt (and The Witch Haven, which comes first in the series) by Sasha Peyton Smith. I have to say, I adored Maxine. I loved how irreverent she could be and the way that you could tell that she cared deeply for Frances and Lena. I was also very fond of Frances and of Oliver. I think they make an adorable couple, even if they might not be quite sure exactly what they are to each other. I had a difficult time putting this book down to do things I needed to do around the house. While […]

August 2022 Wrap-Up

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For the month of August 2022, I managed to read 11 books in total, the last one being finished on just after 8PM on August 31. The best part? Not a single book I read this month was on my August TBR post. Go figure. So what did I read this month? There is an eleventh book, called Beyond Human Boundaries by Fakhra Afzal as well, but for some reason the information for it won’t come up. It’s possible that Google Books hasn’t yet discovered that book but I found it on KindleUnlimited. So there you have it, the 11 books I read in August 2022. What did you read last month?

Book Review: The Bone Code by Kathy Reichs

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Trigger Warnings: Murder, Child Murder, Gore, Descriptions of Dead Bodies, Animal Cruelty, Attempted Murder, Mentions of DNA modification and vaccines. In the early 2000s, I fell in love with a TV show called Bones. I would later discover that the TV show was loosely based on the Temperance Brennan series of books by Kathy Reichs. Earlier this year, I decided I was going to make it a point to read/listen to as many of those books as I could. I didn’t get too far in, but I knew I had the 20th book in the series, The Bone Code, in my NetGalley queue. I finally got off my butt and read it. First things first, you don’t have to read the Temperance Brennan books in order to understand what’s going on. You’ll be given enough details to help you figure things out if previous books are referenced. So don’t let […]

Book Review: The Deep by Nick Cutter

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When Brandon did one of his “here are some disturbing/creepy/horror books I read recently” videos and described The Deep, I knew I had to check it out. Before I get into the actual review a couple of trigger warnings that I found – descriptions of gore, childhood trauma, child abuse, animal abuse, animal death, child disappearance, parental murder. I’m sure there are more, but those are the ones I found. What would you do if the government called you and told you that your brother, who you haven’t spoken to in eight years and is doing some sort of scientific research eight miles underneath the Pacific Ocean, has asked for you and you need to go down there to find out what’s going on? Would you go? Because that’s what Luke Nelson did when he got the call that he needed to go eight miles below the Pacific Ocean to […]

Book Review: Out of Crisis by Richard Caldwell

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I have to admit, I don’t like politics. I find them to be far too divisive and honestly, they get boring after a while. Which is why I have no clue why I enjoy political thrillers as much as I do. For some reason, they are one of my favorite types of book to read. Out of Crisis was no exception. An interesting mix of time periods – the days leading up to and just after a huge natural disaster and two years prior to that disaster. There is also another time period that we go through, but it is more for background information than anything else. This book gives a fictional glimpse into what could happen should a third major political party make an attempt to rise to power – and what could happen if that party did rise to power. The part in question – Centrist – wants […]