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Cover Reveal: Broken Perfect Lies by Katie Wismer

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Hello everyone! Today I’m bringing you something I don’t usually feature on my blog – a cover reveal! However, I’m absolutely loving the cover for this book – and I love the author as well. She’s been one of the YouTube accounts I watch for several years now, plus I’ve read a couple of her other novels (you can find reviews for one of them on this blog as well). So without further rambling, here is the book cover!! Pre-order links for Book Depository, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble are in the info block below, but you can also pre-order from BookShop or pre-order signed copies from Katie’s website as well.

Review: Finding Harmony by Amy Kaybach

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Ok by now we all know I’m a sucker for Amy Kaybach’s books – and this series in particular, so it should come as absolutely no surprise that I loved the book. Characters Viola (Vi) If you’ve read Blending Chords, you’ve met Viola before and you know who she is. If you haven’t read Blending Chords, Viola is Arista’s older sister. Arista is Callum’s wife – please, read Blending Chords for that story. Viola is having a time of it – she made some mistakes in her past, but most of them weren’t really her fault. I love Viola because in some ways, I’m like her. I don’t have a POS ex-husband, but I do have some pretty crappy ex-boyfriends. And I’m definitely in the “I’m too old for this guy” category because most of the guys I find attractive are younger than me. So I get it. I love […]

Blog Tour: Five Survive by Holly Jackson

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Welcome back everyone! Today we’re doing another blog tour with a book review attached, this time for Holly Jackson’s new novel, Five Survive. I love Holly Jackson’s books – A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder is still one of my favorites. Read on to find out what I thought of Five Survive. Content Warning: guns, death threats, mob violence, death, injury When I had the chance to join the blog tour for Holly Jackson’s newest novel, Five Survive, I knew I had to take it. I own A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder and loved it – I also own the second and third books in the trilogy, although I haven’t read them yet. You’ve already seen my star-rating for this book, so let’s get into why I gave it 5 stars. Characters There are six main characters we’re going to focus on here – Red, Maddy, Oliver, Simon, Arthur, and […]

Blog Tour: The Q by Amy Tintera

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Hello again everyone. I’m back with another blog tour – this time I’m featuring The Q by Amy Tintera, a post-apocalyptic YA science fiction novel. Read on for more information on the book and my review of it. If you don’t know by now, I love a good thriller – YA, adult, you name it, I’m probably going to at least try it. But with this one, we also have the science fiction bent with the post-apocalyptic style which was intriguing to me. Characters There are a lot of characters in this book. Some play bigger roles than others, as always. I’m going to detail three characters here that I feel the need to talk about. Maisie Rojas Maisie Rojas is our female main character and she’s a great one. The daughter of the former second-in-command of the southern part of The Q, everyone expected her to take over when […]

Blog Tour: Friends Like These by Jennifer Lynn Alvarez

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Hello everyone. Today we have another blog tour, this time featuring Jennifer Lynn Alvarez’s new novel, Friends Like These. I’ll be reviewing the book for you today, so let’s get this party started! Ok, if you’ve been coming here long enough, you know that I absolutely LOVE a good suspense/thriller novel. Even better if it is a YA suspense/thriller novel. Trust me when I say this book doesn’t disappoint. Characters So let’s look at our characters: First, we have Tegan, who drives me up the wall. I’ve known girls like her – they think they’re so generous and so loyal, but the only person they’re truly loyal to is themselves. I really don’t care much for her, to be honest. She and Jessica used to be best friends, until Chloe came along that is. Next, we have Jessica. She’s one of our two main characters. She’s in love with Jake. […]