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Blog Tour: Rising Shadows by Phillip Blackwater

Posted 09/27/2022 by Charli - 1 Comment -

Hello faithful readers! Today we have a special treat – something not often featured on Charli’s Book Box, but that might be featured more often in the future. Today we have a blog tour! This one is for Rising Shadows by Phillip Blackwater. Read on for more information on the book and the author!

Starting Your Own Book Blog – Setting Up WordPress on a Friend’s Domain

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So you have a friend who already has a domain name and paid hosting set up for themselves and is willing to give you some space on their hosting and a subdomain on their domain name for you to try out blogging without having to use ad-supported free or Google’s Blogger. Well, there are a few things you’ll need to tell them. Your Blog’s Subdomain You’ll need to know what you want your blog’s address to be. Let’s say you’ve decided to name your blog “The Book Report”. This will most likely be your subdomain, so your blog’s address would look something like this: or – obviously “” would be replaced with your friend’s domain, but you get the idea. So be ready to tell your friend what your subdomain should be. Your Blog’s Title & Tagline You’ll need to tell your friend your blog’s title and […]

How to Get Books For Free – Legally

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In these current economic times, things are tough. Those who want to read face a conundrum at times – do we buy books or do we spend our money on true necessities? So what do you do if you want new books to read but don’t have the money to purchase books? First, don’t pirate them! Stay away from websites that offer free epub or pdf versions of books. You’re not helping the authors any by pirating the books. And do NOT pirate books for “cancelled” authors either… I see this a lot on TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram – people telling others that if they really want to read a book by a cancelled author, just find it on a pirating website so the author doesn’t get credit. Sure, the author doesn’t get credit or get paid, but you’re still doing something illegal. Just don’t. Instead, try the following options […]

Book Review: Reviving the Rhythm by Amy Kaybach

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Ok, you all had to know this was coming. I’m part of Amy Kaybach’s ARC Team, so the chances of me not reviewing Blind Rebels book 3 was slim to none. Well, today is this book’s birthday, so here we are – my review of Reviving the Rhythm. This time we get Sammy’s love story and in this case, it’s a love he had and lost… of his own doing. There are things in this book that hit home for me and it took me a bit longer to read this one than the first two books. First, let’s look at our characters. Of course, we already know the lovable Sammy. He’s the peacemaker and peacekeeper in the band. He’s a fun-loving guy and he’s great with Gibson. We get to learn Sammy’s backstory and what made him who he is today. We also learn about the tragedies in his […]

Starting Your Own Book Blog – Setting Up

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So if you’re not into Blogger, or for some reason it won’t let you have the URL you want even though multiple searches through Google or Bing have turned up no blogs/websites with your blog name, you may want to try out instead. Getting Started You’ll need a account. If you’ve commented on blogs before, you may actually have one as many blogs hosted here require you to sign in with your account to leave a comment. If you do have an account, the video below will help you set your blog up. If you need to create an account, it will take you straight into the process of creating a blog, so you may need to watch a bit further into the video to see what you’ll need to do. Again, this is a screen recording with me doing a voice over. I tried to edit […]