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Book Review: The Never King by Nikki St. Crowe

Posted 08/30/2022 by Charli - 0 Comments -

CW: Sexual Activity, Some Non-Consensual/Semi-Consensual Sex, Language, Kidnapping, Dark Themes, Polyamory, Violence, Murder If you’re looking for a Peter Pan retelling that is full of angst and is spicy, I’d recommend picking up The Never King by Nikki St. Crowe. Holy cow… In all honesty, I couldn’t tell you what attracted me to The Never King other than the cover. I saw it on KindleUnlimited and borrowed it because it looked cool. I definitely wasn’t expecting a spicy, angsty retelling of Peter Pan. But let me tell you, I couldn’t put the book down after I started reading it! I literally read all 192 pages in one afternoon, on my phone. Yes, on my phone. I have to say, I love the characters in this book. I adore the twins – Bash and Kas, I love Vane, I love Peter Pan, and I adore Winnie. Vane is such an interesting […]

Book Review: The Perfect Child by Lucinda Berry

Posted 07/29/2022 by Charli - 0 Comments -

Trigger Warnings: Child Abuse, Suspected Child Abuse, Animal Cruelty, Animal Death, Mental Illness, Mental Health Issues, Murder I’ve been working toward Amazon’s Kindle Epic Summer Challenge and one of the achievements was to complete an Amazon Original Story recommended by their editors. I’d heard about The Perfect Child on TikTok, so when I saw it on the list of qualifying books, I decided to give it a read. Holy crap. This book seriously gives me Orphan vibes. Granted, in this case our child in need of adoption isn’t an adult masquerading as a child, but still. The level of viciousness and abject hatred the child, Janie, shows in this book is nothing short of chilling. I found myself squirming in horror at some of the things that happen in the book – and not just things that Janie does, but other characters as well. The Perfect Child is a combination […]