April 2021 Wrap-Up

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So April 2021 was a pretty hectic month for me, but I still managed to read 8 books and acquire more than that! I don’t think I even have a complete list of books that I’ve gotten this month yet. There’s a lot of ground to cover, so let’s get down to it!

Books Read

I didn’t review all of the books that I read in April and the ones I did review, I pretty much only reviewed on Goodreads. I’ve linked the book title to the Goodreads review if I did one.

  1. Songs from the Deep – Kelly Powell
  2. The Beautiful – Renee Ahdieh
  3. Wink Poppy Midnight – April Genevieve Tucholke
  4. The Hazel Wood – Melissa Albert
  5. The Night Country – Melissa Albert
  6. House of Hollow – Krystal Sutherland
  7. A Place So Wicked – Patrick Reuman
  8. Protecting the Single Mother – Leslie North

Books Hauled

Ok, so I’m not even sure if I’m going to be able to come up with a complete list of books I got in April but I’m going to list as many as I can. However, for three of the books I want to make a disclaimer:

Yes, I did purchase the Something Dark and Holy trilogy by Emily A. Duncan in April. I had pre-ordered a signed copy of Blessed Monsters, which had already been shipped out, when I found out about the problematic behavior and problematic content. As I had already spent the money, I didn’t see the point in hurting an independent bookstore by sending the book back and requesting my money back. I also purchased Wicked Saints and Ruthless Gods. Why? Because Emily apologized and quite frankly, my philosophy is that when you apologize for something, you get a second chance. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do. You’d want a second chance if it were you.

Now on to the list, in no particular order:

  1. Wicked Saints – Emily A. Duncan
  2. Ruthless Gods – Emily A. Duncan
  3. Blessed Monsters – Emily A. Duncan
  4. The Anti-Relationship Year – Katie Wismer
  5. Lost in a Book – Jennifer Donnelly
  6. The Testaments – Margaret Atwood
  7. The Silent Wife – Karin Slaughter
  8. The Last Widow – Karin Slaughter
  9. Belle Revolte – Linsey Miller
  10. Ready Player One – Ernest Cline
  11. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – Stieg Larsson
  12. The Emerald Sea – Richelle Mead
  13. Such a Fun Age – Kiley Reid
  14. The Starless Sea – Erin Morgenstern
  15. Wizard & Glass – The Dark Tower 4 – Stephen King
  16. Til Murder Do Us Part – Discovery’s Murder is Forever 6 – James Patterson
  17. Red Rising – Red Rising Saga 1 – Pierce Brown
  18. A Place So Wicked – Patrick Reuman
  19. The Blood Within the Stone – T. R. Thompson

Review Copies

I got quite a few review copies through NetGalley and Bookish First, so I’ll list those in this section.

  1. The Maidens – Alex Michaelides – NetGalley & Bookish First
  2. Traitors of the Black Crown – Cate Pearce – NetGalley
  3. The Necklace – Matt Witten – NetGalley
  4. Crystal’s House of Queers – Brooke Skipstone – NetGalley
  5. Small Favors – Erin A. Craig – NetGalley
  6. The Bone Code – Kathy Reich – NetGalley
  7. The Hive – Gregg Olsen – NetGalley
  8. Chasing the Boogeyman – Richard Chizmar – NetGalley
  9. Protecting the Single Mother – Leslie North – NetGalley
  10. The Nature of Witches – Rachel Griffin – NetGalley
  11. The Sisters of Reckoning – Charlotte Nicole Davis – NetGalley
  12. Dark Minds – Stuart Byng – NetGalley
  13. Violet City – Page Morgan – NetGalley
  14. Foretold – Violet Lumani – NetGalley
  15. How Sweet It Is – Dylan Newton – NetGalley

So that’s my wrap-up for April 2021. It was a busy month for getting new books to read, but not as busy for reading books. Hoping to do better in May, as Goodreads lists me as 9 books behind for my 2021 Reading Challenge!