Blog Tour: Hunterland by Dana Claire

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Blog Tour: Hunterland by Dana Claire

Blog Tour: Hunterland by Dana ClaireHunterland by Dana Claire
Published by CamCat Publishing on 02/07/2023
Genres: Occult & Supernatural
Pages: 408
Buy on: Amazon CA // Amazon US // Author Direct // Barnes & Noble // The Broken Binding

Grab your stakes and your rock salt. Monster hunting class is in session.

Liam Hunter has warded off hungry vampires, slayed monstrous beasts, and put agonized spirits to rest since he could hold a stake. When trouble comes through the Hunterland message board, alerting them that nurses are dying at high schools across Wisconsin in a string of fishy "suicides," the Hunter family hits the road to save the day.

The trail leads to Falkville Falls, where Liam clashes with Olivia Davis, whose maddening family seems inexplicably embroiled in this haunting mess. Olivia has always mothered her little sister, Pepper. But when the Hunter family opens her eyes to the hidden underworld of real monsters prowling the dark, she realizes she can't protect Pepper from this newest threat by herself. Can the two families work together to uncover who or what is responsible before the next murder, or will this vicious death cycle have no end?

Today we have a special treat – an interview with Dana Claire, author of Hunterland! I asked some “non-traditional” questions to be a bit unique, and I love her answers! Here’s my interview with Dana Claire…

Do you plan to read reviews of “Hunterland” and if you do, how will you respond to negative

I love reading reviews. I think it’s a great way to connect to your readers. Good or bad, I genuinely
am just grateful for a person wanting to pick up my work and curl up with it to read. Writing is
subjective so negative reviews never bother me. Most of the time, I learn from them just like anyone
would learn from feedback. The readers who review my work have always been so kind to me that
all I can say is thank you to them all.

What was your favorite book as a child and do you think it influenced “Hunterland”?

My favorite book as a child was 101 Dalmatians. I asked my father every night to read it to me, so
much so I had it memorized and could tell if he skipped any words. To this day, my dad still gets
flustered talking about it. He’d be so tired from working a twelve hour day and then his little girl
would beg for a story and how could he refuse. I’m not sure the Disney book influenced my writing
Hunterland. However, I have been told I do write similarly to how Disney portrays parents, deceased
and/or murdered in the book/movie. I think being raised on Disney did influence my writing in that

What did you listen to (if anything) while writing “Hunterland”? 

I like to have minimal to no background noise while I write. A trick I learned from a fellow author is
to read your work out loud. It’ll help you catch grammatical mistakes you might not find if you read
to yourself. Music or any other distractions delay my writing and editing.

Did you encounter any writer’s block with “Hunterland” and if so, how did you get yourself
going again?

Hunterland was a magical unicorn for me. I saw the book in my head and the words just flowed from
there to my fingertips. It is not always like that, though. I’d probably say that when I do experience
writers block, I have two methods of solving it. One, I pick up a book from a writer with good habits.
Any book that I am interested in and get lost in another story line. Or two, I watch a movie. Typically
I try and watch a moving in the genre I am writing. That seems to get my creative juices flowing and
my brain back on track. I am lucky. I haven’t had much of writer’s block since I started my author
journey in 2020. Even currently, I have three books I’m in the middle of constructing and my fingers
just won’t type fast enough to catch up to my brain.

Have you made any literary pilgrimages? (Visiting a favorite author’s home town, doing in-
person research for the setting of a novel, visiting the setting of a favorite novel, etc.)

I haven’t but a little sneak peak into the future. If the Hunterland series goes to book four or five, I’ll
be making a trip to London to research where Hunterland all began since the secret society started
there centuries ago.

(Optional fun question) – Name three authors whose books you love and/or three authors you
just can’t get into.

C. W. Farnsworth – She writes NA/Adult contemporary romance. The irony in loving her so much is
that I don’t write that genre. I like YA and have stayed in that lane and will continue to do so for the
near future. But something about C.W Farnsworth’s writing captivates me. Her books are fun romances that I can read in one sitting and think about long after the book is finished. She’s a one-
click author for me.

Adrienne Young – I was hooked from Fable’s first page and ran through all of Adrienne’s books
within a month’s time. We do write the same genre and I always love seeing how her creativity flows
with in her work. Although we have very different writing styles, she’s my go-to in my own
categories to read when I’m in a reading slump.

My third spot is a tie between Jennifer Armentrout and Tricia Levenseller. Both women are excellent
at their craft. I think I’ve read everything they have written or at least 90% of their work. Jennifer
was so sweet. When my novel, The Reclaimed Kingdom, first released she posted it on her IG page.
I’ve never been so honored before in my life by another writer who didn’t know me from Adam but
was supporting me anyway. That’s a true testament to character and I’ll never forget her for it.
Maybe I should move her to number one.

About Dana Claire

Author Dana Claire

Dana Claire is an award-winning author whose stories explore identity, fate, and destiny in the crossroads of romance and adventure. Her love of romantic tension and the supernatural effortlessly translates into spine-tingling action and unforgettable characters. Dana is also sharing her stories through speaking events and book signings. She lives in Los Angeles, CA with her adoring husband living her dreams: writing books, telling stories, and changing the world, one reader at a time.

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