Curse of the Fallen by H. C. Newell

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Today I’m bringing you a promotional post for Curse of the Fallen, the first novel in a six-book fantasy series entitled Fallen Light by author H. C. Newell. I’ve started this novel and I am really liking it so far, I just need a chance to actually sit down and devour it the way it is meant to be. 😀

This book may contain material that is disturbing to some readers. Please Google for trigger warnings as I cannot possibly find/relay every trigger warning. Thank you!
Curse of the Fallen by H. C. NewellCurse of the Fallen by H C Newell
Also by this author: The Forbidden Realms
Series: Fallen Light #1
Also in this series: The Forbidden Realms
Published by H.C. Newell on 04/26/2021
Genres: Dark Fantasy
Pages: 396
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This Child is not the chosen one. She is a demon to be destroyed.

Born of magic, Nerana is labeled a demon and forced into hiding by the Order of Saro. Living with a curse that binds her to their leader, Nerana seeks to free herself from their hold and soon learns that the path to redemption may prove more fatal than the Order itself.

But for Nerana, this is more than a quest for survival... It's a promise of revenge

Curse of the Fallen is the first installment of the six-book epic fantasy series, Fallen Light, by author H.C. Newell.

(This is our attempt at a bit of fun. We ask our authors to come up with a few short, clever, possibly pop culture laden, descriptions of their books just to give a little taste of what’s to come for readers.)

Three Strikes, You're Out • Hold My Beer • Just the Girl (I'm Looking For)

Content Warnings

We have some content warnings for this book:

Shown on Page (things clearly told to the reader): 

  • Violence
  • Death
  • Gore
  • Mild torture (short scene, not very graphic)
  • Death
  • Brief undead scene
  • Horror
  • Monsters
  • Racism (humans vs. elves)
  • Cliffhanger
  • Alluded to (things only mentioned in passing or hinted at):
  • Attempted suicide
  • Childhood trauma (character backstories)

Note from the author: This book contains many TW that are not suitable for those dealing with past trauma or are sensitive to darker themes. It is not overly heavy on any particular triggers, however, if you are sensitive to certain topics that are prevalent in most dark fantasy novels like the Witcher or Game of Thrones, this book may not be for you.


Here is a selection of random quotes, in no particular order, and with no context (just to keep it fun) taken from Curse of the Fallen.

“A person will spill many secrets with enough pain.”

Curse of the Fallen by H. C. Newell

“If there’s a chance to help someone in need, then you should take it.”

Curse of the Fallen by H. C. Newell

“Don’t allow the darkness of this world to shroud your kindness.”

Curse of the Fallen by H. C. Newell

“A person only has so much luck before it runs out.”

Curse of the Fallen by H. C. Newell

About H C Newell

Author H. C. Newell

H.C. Newell is an American author of epic fantasy. She is best known for the Fallen Light fictional universe, in which her fantasy novel Curse of the Fallen, is set.

Newell began her writing journey at a young age. In elementary school, she would often write small plays for her and her cousins to perform. In middle and high school her love of writing transformed into fiction literature, which she would write in spiral-bound notebooks. By 2015, she had written more than 5 romance and young adult novels and several short stories. 

In 2014, Newell started her first novel series, Forthwind, which was a young adult trilogy. As she grew as an author, she found her niche in adult fantasy, and created the Fallen Light universe. This six-part novel series took Newell over seven years to create. She published her debut novel "Curse of the Fallen" in April 2021.

Newell's works have been compared by readers to authors such as J. R. R. Tolkien, Andrejz Sapkowski, and Robert Jordan among others. Newell lives in Nashville, TN with her husband.