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Book Review: If Only A Heart..

Book Review: If Only A Heart and Other Tales of Terror by Caleb Stephens

I really enjoyed this book. The stories in it weren’t exactly terror-inducing (I don’t scare easily though, so that’s probably just me and my brain) but they were very haunting and very creepy. Especially The Wallpaper Man and The Crowing. Those were awesome stories and I really loved them. I appreciated that these stories left […]


Book Review: The Deep by Nic..

Book Review: The Deep by Nick Cutter

When Brandon did one of his “here are some disturbing/creepy/horror books I read recently” videos and described The Deep, I knew I had to check it out. Before I get into the actual review a couple of trigger warnings that I found – descriptions of gore, childhood trauma, child abuse, animal abuse, animal death, child […]

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