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WWW Wednesday August 17-23, ..

WWW Wednesday August 17-23, 2022

What I’m Currently Reading What I’ve Recently Finished What I Think I’ll Read Next So there you have it – that’s what I’ve been reading over the past week, what I’ve finished in the past week, and what I plan to read next. What are you reading?


Book Review: The Perfect Chi..

Book Review: The Perfect Child by Lucinda Berry

Trigger Warnings: Child Abuse, Suspected Child Abuse, Animal Cruelty, Animal Death, Mental Illness, Mental Health Issues, Murder I’ve been working toward Amazon’s Kindle Epic Summer Challenge and one of the achievements was to complete an Amazon Original Story recommended by their editors. I’d heard about The Perfect Child on TikTok, so when I saw it […]


Book Review: Horrific Modern..

Book Review: Horrific Modern Tales by Nick Schroeder

So I went into this book looking for short horror stories. What I got was a bit on the meh side. They were good – I’m not saying they weren’t, because they were. But they weren’t anything that was particularly memorable. I think the only ones I can honestly say I remember much about are […]


Book Review: Influencer Isla..

Book Review: Influencer Island by Kyle Rutkin

Trigger Warnings: Murder, Gore, Sexual Assault, Drugs The premise of this book had me wanting to read it and so when I was granted an eARC I was thrilled. However, the book simply didn’t live up to expectations. First, none of the characters are in any way memorable. The only things I really remember about […]


Chasing the Boogeyman by Ric..

Chasing the Boogeyman by Richard Chizmar

CW: Death, Suicide, Murder, Animal Cruelty, Animal Death (mention) This book y’all – let me tell you about Chasing the Boogeyman by Richard Chizmar. This book is suspense/crime/horror novel written in the style of a true crime book. But wait – there’s more! Mr. Chizmar not only wrote this book in the style of a […]


The Pvritan by Birgitte Mär..

The Pvritan by Birgitte Märgen

CW: The Pvritan contains violence, gore, murder, language, animal death, abuse, suicide, and religion The Pvritan Plot I thought The Pvritan’s plot was both unique and standard. Standard in the sense that it was a typical murder mystery with police detectives featuring as the main characters. Unique in that it used gruesome imagery for the […]


There’s Someone in You..

There’s Someone in Your House by Stephanie Perkins

I’ve been wanting to read There’s Someone Inside Your House since I first started hearing about it, before it came out. Back then, it was a book that had some hype to it – people were getting really cool packages for this book. I wasn’t lucky enough to receive one of the packages and eventually […]


Blogtober: Anna Dressed in B..

Blogtober: Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake

I’d had this book on my radar for a while, but couldn’t seem to find a copy of it. Then I happened to be at the library in the YA section the other day, and lo and behold, it was in a display of Halloween-worthy books. So I snagged it up. I started it the […]


Halloween Carnival Volume 5 ..

Halloween Carnival Volume 5 by Brian James Freeman

You would think with a high profile author like Peter Straub contributing to this anthology, it would have been better. But nope. We start off with Devil’s Night. It wasn’t the greatest story, but it wasn’t a horrible one either. It was a little bit on the messy side, but hey, it was a short […]


Halloween Carnival Volume 4 ..

Halloween Carnival Volume 4 by Brian James Freeman

I have no words. This anthology in the Halloween Carnival series was terrible. Literally, the only story that was in any way particularly memorable was The Mannequin Challenge. Even that story wasn’t all that great. The Mannequin Challenge was the best story in the book. Even then, it seemed like I’d read it before – […]


Halloween Carnival Volume 3 ..

Halloween Carnival Volume 3 by Brian James Freeman

Ok, so this one was better than Volume 2, but not quite as good as Volume 1. But I will say, Halloween Carnival Volume 3 is a solid offering for horror fans and for those who prefer more tame Halloween stories. The Way Lost was one of my favorites out of Volume 3. I found […]


Halloween Carnival Volume Tw..

Halloween Carnival Volume Two by Brian James Freeman

While I loved Halloween Carnival Volume One, I wasn’t quite as impressed with Halloween Carnival Volume Two. To my idea, the best story in this batch of five stories was Mr. Dark’s Carnival by Glen Hirshberg. It added a twist at the end that I honestly didn’t see coming. I’m not sure why, but I […]


Sawkill Girls by Claire Legr..

Sawkill Girls by Claire Legrand

If Stephen King wrote YA fiction, this book would be right up his alley. Don’t believe me? An evil creature – demon, devil, who knows? This thing comes from somewhere beyond our wildest imaginations. It feeds on teenage girls – at least until it can break free of its anchor. Doesn’t that sound like something […]

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Perfect Prophet by Diane M. ..

Perfect Prophet by Diane M. Johnson

What do you do when you don’t believe in God but you find yourself possessed of an ability that can only be a gift from God? What happens when your father is also a religious zealot who literally wrote prophecies about you – prophecies that have a Satanic cult after you? That’s what Alec Lowell […]

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