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Review: Finding Harmony by Amy..

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Review: Finding Harmony by Amy Kaybach

Ok by now we all know I’m a sucker for Amy Kaybach’s books – and this series in particular, so it should come as absolutely no surprise that I loved the book. Characters Viola (Vi) If you’ve read Blending Chords, you’ve met Viola before and you know who she is. If you haven’t read Blending […]

Book Review: Reviving the Rhyt..

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Book Review: Reviving the Rhythm by Amy Kaybach

Ok, you all had to know this was coming. I’m part of Amy Kaybach’s ARC Team, so the chances of me not reviewing Blind Rebels book 3 was slim to none. Well, today is this book’s birthday, so here we are – my review of Reviving the Rhythm. This time we get Sammy’s love story […]

Book Review: Blending Chords b..

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Book Review: Blending Chords by Amy Kaybach

Ok, so again, we all know that I don’t read a ton of romance books. Namely because I usually don’t care much for them. But there are certain types of romance books that I enjoy, and a good rockstar romance is one of them. So of course I was going to read the second book […]

Book Review: Bridging the Sile..

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Book Review: Bridging the Silence by Amy Kaybach

Ok, I know, it’s another romance novel. But here’s the thing – romance novels get me out of reading slumps and it’s not just a romance novel. This is a rockstar romance novel. Now, I know you probably can’t tell from the looks of my blog, but I love rock music and listen to everything […]