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Book Review: Bridging the Silence by Amy Kaybach

Book Review: Bridging the Si..

Ok, I know, it’s another romance novel. But here’s the thing – romance novels get me out of reading slumps and it’s not just a romance novel. This is a rockstar romance novel. Now, I know you probably can’t tell from the looks of my blog, but I love rock music and listen to everything […]

Posted 03/18/2022
The Sheikh’s Tempting Nanny by Leslie North

The Sheikh’s Tempting ..

Leslie North is a favorite of mine for when I need a quick read to settle my mind. The Sheikh’s Tempting Nanny was no exception to this rule. Sarah and Imran are both likable characters that make you want to know what they’re going to do next. Jamila and Hasan are hilarious, as are Ziad […]

Posted 05/20/2021
Protecting the Single Mother by Leslie North

Protecting the Single Mother..

Let me start by saying I don’t normally go for romance books – as in, if the primary genre is romance, I tend to stay away. But… I admit, coming from a military family and having military friends, I am a sucker for military/ex-military books, so I gave this one a shot. I’m so glad […]

Posted 05/06/2021
Violet City by Page Morgan

Violet City by Page Morgan

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started this book. I’d read the description, but still didn’t know exactly what to expect. Violet City is an alien invasion story and a romance all in one. You’d think the combination wouldn’t work, but it does, it really does. I loved the characters – well, the […]

Posted 05/05/2021
Curse of the Dead-Eyed Doll by Thomas Kingsley Troupe

Curse of the Dead-Eyed Doll ..

I don’t normally read middle grade fiction, but when a book is marketed as both middle grade and horror, I give it a read. I’m happy to say that Curse of the Dead-Eyed Doll is a great example of both genres. Now you might be thinking “How scary can middle grade horror be?” and from […]

Posted 07/24/2019
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Book Review: Destiny’s a Witch by Lucy May

Book Review: Destiny’s..

Destiny’s a Witch is a cute, cozy, kitschy mystery involving a town full of witches, warlocks, and humans. Throw in a bit of romance and you have this adorable story. This is what a cute, cozy mystery should be. I chose to read this book based on two things – the cute cover and the […]

Posted 08/17/2018