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Book Review: Wild is the Witch by Rachel Griffin

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Last year, I was privileged to be permitted to read and review Rachel Griffin’s debut novel, The Nature of Witches. It was a 5-star read for me and so when I saw her second novel, Wild is the Witch, on NetGalley, I knew I had to request it. The problem was, it wasn’t available for request – I had to wish for it. To my great surprise and joy, my wish was granted! Wild is the Witch is a standalone novel and is in no way tied to The Nature of Witches. The only way you could say it was tied to her first novel is that both books are about witches. Other than that, there are few similarities. First, I have to say this – I think the cover is absolutely beautiful. I loved the cover to The Nature of Witches and I love the cover to Wild is […]

What We Devour by Linsey Miller

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CW: Death Before I start, allow me to thank NetGalley and Sourcebooks Fire for the opportunity to read and review this book. I wasn’t expecting I would get approved for this one, but I was pleasantly surprised when I was. Now… on to the review. The Characters So we all know that one of the things that can make or break a book are the characters. I have a few thoughts on some of the characters for you. Lorena I very much enjoyed Lorena’s character. The book is told from her point of view. She’s a great character. She’s unique in that she is only one of two people in Cynlira who have the pleasure of being “dualwrought”. She’s sassy, sarcastic, and quite frankly, she’s just my kind of character. She’s also loyal to a fault, unless, of course, you screw her over and she finds out about. Alistair (The […]

The Nature of Witches by Rachel Griffin

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Content Warning: Death When I first requested to be allowed to read The Nature of Witches, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve long been a fan of books that have magic in them, and if they tie that magic to witches, I’m especially intrigued. So, I was super happy to be given the chance to read this book before it was released. I was so not disappointed. The Concept Rachel Griffin’s concept of witches and magic in this book are unique and beautiful. The concept of witches being tied to the sun and that they each have their own season in which their magic is strongest makes a lot of sense. The concept of the Everwitch, whose magic is strong year-round – but with the current season’s magic – is brilliant. The Dose of Reality In The Nature of Witches, we get a taste of reality. The atmosphere is […]