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Shadow Frost by Coco Ma

Posted 04/21/2019 by Charli - 0 Comments -

Pianist Coco Ma has a second passion in which she is just as talented – writing. Her first novel, Shadow Frost, is an absolute wonder. The world Coco Ma has built is reminiscent of Earth, but with magic added. It seems most people have the ability to use magic, each person having at least one magical affinity. The use of stones to assist them with using their magic is an interesting concept and not one often seen. This novel definitely reads like a seasoned author wrote it, which is amazing for a debut novel. Coco Ma did an excellent job of building characters, the world, the magic system, and creating plot twists to keep you on your toes. I sincerely hope a sequel is coming as cliffhangers are to be had in this book. I gave this one a solid 5 stars because this debut novel is truly amazing.

Dark Rhapsody by Helaine Mario

Posted 07/23/2018 by Charli - 0 Comments -

I wanted to like Dark Rhapsody – and I did… at first. But then, I just lost interest. It wasn’t that it switched between character points of view because that’s normal and I don’t have a problem with it. It also wasn’t that the book was lacking in action, because the book isn’t. It’s got plenty of intrigue, plenty of action, and plenty that should have kept me interested. But… I just wasn’t. The book itself is great. I cannot deny that the book, up to where I left off, was great. It was just that for some reason, I lost interest in the book. Perhaps it is my overwhelming NetGalley TBR pile that I keep adding books to because I’m being requested to. Perhaps it is because I have a TBR pile a mile high of eBooks that I own. Or perhaps right now just isn’t the time for […]