Starting Your Own Book Blog – I Set It Up, Now What?

Ok, so now you’ve got your blog set up. You’ve created a blog on Blogger or, or maybe you’ve had a friend host you or you bought your own hosting and your blog is now installed and set up. So now what do you do? Well, first, you want to make some decisions about … Read more

Starting Your Own Book Blog – Setting Up WordPress on a Friend’s Domain

So you have a friend who already has a domain name and paid hosting set up for themselves and is willing to give you some space on their hosting and a subdomain on their domain name for you to try out blogging without having to use ad-supported free or Google’s Blogger. Well, there are … Read more

Starting Your Own Book Blog – Setting Up Blogger

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You’ve made a decision on how much you want to spend on your blog to begin with and you’ve come up with a name. Now you need to set up your blog. This week we’ll go over how to start a blog on Blogger. Blogger is owned by Google. Many people don’t like Blogger because … Read more