The Next New Syrian Girl by Ream Shukairy

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The Next New Syrian Girl by Ream Shukairy

Today we are presenting a little post about The Next New Syrian Girl by Ream Shukairy to celebrate the book’s release! This post is brought to you by Charli’s Book Box & TBR and Beyond Tours. I would like to wish Ream Shukairy a very happy book birthday today! Read on for more information about this awesome book and check out the tour schedule here.

This book may contain material that is disturbing to some readers. Please Google for trigger warnings as I cannot possibly find/relay every trigger warning. Thank you!
The Next New Syrian Girl by Ream ShukairyThe Next New Syrian Girl by Ream Shukairy
Published by Little Brown on 03/14/2023
Genres: YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Romance / Contemporary
Pages: 416
Buy on: Amazon CA // Amazon US // Author Direct // Barnes & Noble // The Broken Binding

Khadija Shaami is a Syrian American boxer fed up with the expectations of being the perfect Syrian daughter. Saddled with a monstrous ego and a mother to test it, she will stop at nothing to leave Detroit and travel the world with her best friend.

Leene Taher is a Syrian refugee enraptured by the lavish lifestyle of the Syrian girls in Detroit. America is her fresh start, if only her haunting past will let her move on.

When their worlds collide, the result is catastrophic: To Khadija, Leene embodies the tame, dutiful Syrian ideal she’s long rebelled against. And to Leene, Khadija is the strong-willed, closed-off American who makes Leene doubt her place in the world.

But as Khadija digs up Leene’s past, a startling discovery brings the two of them closer together. As the girls secretly race to unravel the truth, their blossoming friendship challenges what each knows about the other and herself. And what they find takes them all the way across the world, back to the place of Khadija’s memories and Leene’s nightmares.

CW: Islamophobia, the Syrian Revolution, depression, reality of socioeconomic gaps, generational trauma, PTSD, Syrian refugee.

Representation: Syrian, Muslim

I will say that I am about a third of the way through The Next New Syrian Girl and I have to say, I am really enjoying it. I’m not a big fan of YA Contemporary Romance books, so the fact that I’m enjoying this book so much should tell you something about how good it is. I definitely recommend checking this book out.

About Ream Shukairy

Photo of Author Ream Shukairy

Ream Shukairy is a Syrian American born and raised full-time in Orange County, California and part-time over summers in Syria. Whether in California or Syria, she feels at home where her family is and wherever there’s a beach. She has a talent for learning languages and is always on the search for the next place she can travel and flex her words. The daughter of immigrants, there isn’t a stereotype she won’t try her hardest to defy. She can be found reading at the beach, with her sisters watching anime, or playing volleyball really anywhere. She currently resides in Boston for graduate school.

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