BBNYA Finalist Review: Inheriting Her Ghosts by S.H. Cooper

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BBNYA Finalist Review: Inheriting Her Ghosts by S.H. Cooper

Today I have a BBNYA 2022 Finalist Review for Inheriting Her Ghosts by S.H. Cooper. Inheriting Her Ghosts came in 4th for BBNYA 2022! Congrats!

The Book

I received this book for free from TheWriteReads/BBNYA to facilitate my review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

BBNYA Finalist Review: Inheriting Her Ghosts by S.H. CooperInheriting Her Ghosts by S.H. Cooper
Published by Sleepless Sanctuary Publishing on 07/09/2021
Genres: Horror
Pages: 120
Format: eBook
Source: TheWriteReads/BBNYA
Buy on: Amazon CA // Amazon UK // Amazon US

Inheritance often comes with strings attached, but rarely are they as tangled as those hanging over High Hearth.

When Eudora Fellowes learns she's the sole heir of her estranged great-aunt's seaside manor, she believes it will be the peaceful escape she's longed for. What awaits, however, is a dark legacy shrouded in half a century of secrets, and it doesn't take long before Eudora realizes she's not the only one to call High Hearth home.

The Review

If there’s one thing we know about me, it is that I love horror novels. While I don’t review a ton of them here on Charli’s Book Box, I love to read them. So of course, I was thrilled to be selected to review Inheriting Her Ghosts by S.H. Cooper. I’ll be honest, I had no idea what to expect when I started reading this one but I’ll say this, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I’ll start this off by saying if you’re not a fan of slow-burn horror novels, this one may not be for you. But I’d still recommend giving it a chance because you never know.

Inheriting Her Ghosts focuses on Eudora Fellowes and her struggle with her newly inherited property – and the ghosts she apparently inherited along with it. I love that Eudora doesn’t conform to who and what society says she should be. She doesn’t generally care what people say about her or think about her. I admire that greatly. I also love her wolfhounds, Cerberus and Black Shuck. First, she named one after the three headed dog who guards the Underworld and second, she named the other after a ghostly dog of legend – what’s not to love?

The hauntings start off slow and get more intense as the book goes on. While it doesn’t take Eudora long to realize that yes, indeed, her new home is haunted, she does exhibit the usual skepticism about it. While the initial hauntings won’t leave you feeling like this is a horror novel, trust me, the later hauntings, especially toward the end of the book, absolutely will.

While some may not go for the traditional1Some might say campy horror elements, they’re definitely present in this book, especially since this book is about being haunted. The ending to this book is not to be missed as it comes with a few surprises to say the least.

I gave Inheriting Her Ghosts 4 stars because it was a darned good book. I read it in about a day, with most of that being read in couple of hours. I look forward to reading more from S.H. Cooper.

About S.H. Cooper

Author S.H. Cooper

S.H. Cooper is a Florida based, multi-genre author with a focus on horror and fantasy. Her work has been published by Sleepless Sanctuary Publishing, Cemetery Gates Media, and Brigids Gate Press. In addition to short story collections and novels, she is also the writer for the horror comedy podcast, Calling Darkness. When she’s not writing, she’s thinking about writing, talking about writing, or sleeping (wherein she dreams about writing). She is kept up and running through the tireless efforts of her extremely supportive family and coffee.


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