Blogtober: Favorite Harry Potter Spells

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Today Anniek & The Library Looter want to know our favorite Harry Potter spells. In full disclosure, I’ve only read the first three books all the way through. But I have watched all eight movies, so I know some of the spells, even if I don’t quite know how to spell them.

First up we have – Lumos! I mean, seriously, why wouldn’t being able to produce a reading light at the flick of a wand and a single word not be a favorite spell?

Next, Alohomora. I need this for when my hands are full and I can’t unlock the stupid door. Seriously…

Yep, I love expelliarmus. Who wouldn’t? Getting rid of a would-be attacker’s pesky weapons is a good thing. Making it fly out of their hand, scaring the living crap out of them? Priceless.

And my absolute favorite spell – expecto patronum. I love the patronus spell. I think it is because the result is personal to each person. Harry’s was his father’s animagus form. Luna’s was a bunny rabbit. Snape’s was the same as Lily’s – a doe.

So those are my favorite Harry Potter spells. What are yours?



One response to “Blogtober: Favorite Harry Potter Spells

  1. ‘Accio’ is one on my favorites, and one I could definitely use in real life! Sometimes you get in a comfy position and don’t want to get up, so just ‘accio’ it, and it’ll come to you! Also, if I could use the ‘Aguamenti’ spell, it’d get me to drink more water, I’m sure.

    Another favorite is the extension charm, ‘capacious extremis’, like when Hermione had her bag full of odds and ends in the seventh book, but the bag was super light to carry on her end. I thought that was GENIUS! My everyday purse/bag is so heavy, and I’ve always trying to carry my life in it, especially since I have a kid – this charm would come in handy almost everyday!