Blogtober: The Perfect Reading Nook

Posted 10/04/2019 by Charli in Miscellaneous / 0 Comments

I’m sorry I don’t have an image for you, but none of the images I found quite captured what I would like to have in a reading nook. So I guess I’ll just try to describe it for you.

Because it’s hard to read in an area that is too dark, the walls would need to be painted a light color. Probably white, though I’d use a good contrasting color for the trim like a deep eggplant, hunter green, or maybe even black. It would have to be a window nook – I’d love a window seat!

Of course, there would be an overhead light to allow for night reading or for those stormy days that are perfect for curling up with a good book. The window seat would most likely have some sort of thick cushion or thin mattress as the cushioning, covered in fabric that matches the trim. Some white pillows would be perfect in there as well as a throw blanket in case it gets a bit on the chilly side.

The windowsill would have to be wide enough for things like beverages and perhaps some space used to store pencils, pens, markers, and sticky notes/flags for the purpose of annotating books, should I choose to do so. Underneath the window seat would be cubbyholes to store books, journals, or whatever else I might decide to stash under there.

Curtains that match the trim would be necessary for the window and last, but certainly not least, the nook would need an electrical outlet for plugging in phones, tablets, or laptops.

What would your perfect reading nook look like?

Prompt from AnnieK & The Library Looter