Blogtober: What I was Reading This Time Last Year

Posted 10/16/2019 by Charli in Miscellaneous / 1 Comment

So today’s Anniek & The Library Looter prompt is “what you were reading this time last year.”

To be honest, I wasn’t reading this time last year. I was in kind of a reading slump at that point. I’d had surgery on my left foot at the beginning of September and hadn’t been able to focus on books much for all the pain medicines, doctor’s visits, and other things going on.

I didn’t pick reading back up until December, when my uncle lent me his copy of Radium Girls to read while I was visiting family in California. Funny enough, he’d gotten the book for Christmas and let me read it before he did. They’d bought me a $50 Barnes & Noble gift card for Christmas as they usually do. I didn’t use it until I got home (I’d flown and didn’t want extra weight in my bags), but I bought a few books when I got home.

I do this on occasion. I’ll stop reading for a few months. I don’t know if I burn out or if I just lose interest. Although as of late, surgery or school has been the culprit for me not reading much.

So that’s my story – I wasn’t reading this time last year.

One response to “Blogtober: What I was Reading This Time Last Year

  1. I definitely have months where I get no reading done! And then it picks up again. It is usually based on the season! I read more in winter and summer than I do it fall and spring.