Book Review: Beautiful Tragedy – A Halloween Anthology

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I received this book for free from NetGalley to facilitate my review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Beautiful Tragedy – A Halloween AnthologyBeautiful Tragedy by Helle Gade, Boris Bacic, Victoria Larque
Published by Butterdragons Publishing on 10/26/2021
Genres: Fiction / Romance / Collections & Anthologies
Pages: 718
Format: ARC
Source: NetGalley

Get ready to lose yourself in this collection of tragic stories from our authors that will fill your heart and tear it out at the same time. Sometimes a happy ending is not possible despite our best hopes, and things end in a way we never anticipated. Prepare to have your heart strings pulled and your resolve tested as these heart-breaking stories of love and tragedy leave you spinning.

These stories range from paranormal to contemporary, but no matter the genre, they will fill you with emotions, give you hope and then shred your heart in a million pieces. Get lost in this collection of incredible stories that show you that sometimes the most tragic of stories are some of the most beautiful.

Each story is accompanied by a poem by Helle Gade

Till Death Do Us Part by Boris Bacic

Never Wake Me Up by Anne Samara

Ember Aglow by Victoria Larque

Love to Live by Ada Rossi

Crash into Me by Audrey Grace

Heart of Magic by Everly Taylor

The Cell by KR Fajardo

A Fine Line by Melody Calder

For the Love of Family by Isobella Dunn

Killing Love by Annelie Janssen

*Please Note: The full version of this book contains more stories than the version I received. My version contained Till Death Do Us Part, Never Wake Me Up, Ember Aglow, Love to Live, The Cell, and Killing Love.*

So I know my last post indicated that I don’t generally read romance, but what am I reviewing? A romance anthology. Allow me to explain – I don’t generally read romance. There are some authors I read1Amy Kaybach and Leslie North come to mind, but for the most part, I don’t read books that are strictly romance genre. Now… about Beautiful Tragedy.

As a general rule, I will peruse the “read now” section of the romance genre on NetGalley if I’m in a reading slump and I’m really interested in getting out. Why? Because most romance novels are cute, fluffy, and easy to breeze through. While the anthology that is Beautiful Tragedy is easy to breeze through, it’s anything but cute and fluffy. Oh, it has its moments, but… the general gist of these stories is anything but cute and fluffy.

This anthology of romance stories contains six stories of romance that involve the macabre. There’s a story about demons and angels, another one about a zombie apocalypse, another about ancient vampires, one about an accidental (or is it?) murder, one about a type of Nazi camp, and finally one about a dream. I have to say, the demon/angel one and the one about the accidental murder were my favorites of the six stories. I also enjoyed the one about the dream and zombie apocalypse.

Some of the stories in this book are just snippets from full-length novels. As I recall, the story about the demon/angel and the one about the dream are for certain excerpts from full length novels. But they give you enough of an idea of the full length novels to make you decide if you want to continue the story. I know I definitely want to continue the story for the demon/angel book.

I found the writing of all six authors to be easy to read. It didn’t take me long to actually read the book – I could have finished in one sitting if I’d had time to just sit and read. But of course, I had other things I needed to do, so I had to stop reading every so often. I finished the book in 24 hours though, if that says anything.

I loved the poems written by Helle Gade at the beginning of each story. I felt that she wrote the poems after reading the stories or perhaps wrote the poems, then asked the other authors to write stories based on them. The poems added just that little extra something to the stories.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes romance, but also likes the macabre.