My NetGalley is Out of Control

Posted 02/04/2020 by Charli in Miscellaneous / 2 Comments

There, I’ve said it. My NetGalley is out of control. I have over 100 books (113 last I checked) to read and review. I need an intervention…

I think a big part of the problem is that they don’t limit how many books you can have pending review at any given time. Or if they do, I’ve never hit that limit. I’m beginning to think they need one. LOL

Another problem I have is that a few publishers have me on auto-approve. So if I see a book that looks good, I snag it. It isn’t that I plan to get the books and then not read them. In some cases, I forget I’ve got the books or I get busy and don’t manage to read the books. Usually it’s that I forget completely about the NetGalley books.

So I’ve decided to set a new goal. Except for books that are for my book clubs – Barnes & Noble YA Book Club and I’m now part of a book club on Instagram, I’m going to start reading my NetGalley books. They’re pretty much all chilling out in my Kindle app, so there’s no real reason to keep ignoring them. I’m not going to go by oldest to newest or anything, I’m just going to pick a book and start reading it.

Right now, I’m reading Belle Révolte, which I got back in November from NetGalley. I *will* have to read The Hazel Wood before I read The Night Country though, otherwise I just won’t get what’s going on. LOL

Am I the only one with an out of control NetGalley TBR? Let me know in the comments. 🙂

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2 responses to “My NetGalley is Out of Control

  1. Wow… This pretty much sounds like a whole year of reading, if you go fast enough and don’t skip days. Good luck!! (I’ve got seven NetGalley books to review, which seemed dramatic to me before I read your post!)

  2. I thought I was out of control, but now I feel better. 🤣 I think I have something like 20 outstanding…