Blogtober: Five Perfect Autumn Reads

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When I think of autumn, I think of spooky season. I know, autumn goes past spooky season, but in all honesty, it just seems like a spooky time of year no matter the month. So here are my five perfect autumn reads.

Hocus Pocus & The All-New Sequel

You should have known this was coming. I’ll watch this movie any time of year, but I watch it a lot during the autumn season. So it stands to reason that the book, which encompasses both the original story and the sequel, would be on this list.

Slasher Girls & Monster Boys

Autumn brings with it a desire to read a lot of horror and thrillers. Hence why this book is on the list. A combination of horror and thriller stories, this book is perfect for autumn reading. For added effect, listen to the “Distant Thunders” ambient sound on Bookly PRO or a good Thunderstorm sounds playlist on Spotify.

Harry Potter Series

Ok, so this is an entire series, but I always want to read this during autumn. It just seems like the perfect series to read during autumn. I realize that there are some things people find problematic (seriously, I don’t think there’s been a book published in the last 100 years that someone doesn’t find a problem with, just saying), but the series is still a favorite.

Three Dark Crowns Series

Maybe I’m thinking this is a perfect autumn read because I started the series in autumn. Or maybe I think it is a perfect autumn read because it has magic in it. Either way, the series works for autumn, at least in my opinion.

Ninth House

Again, witches. Magic. Autumn is a season where it seems magic and witches go hand in hand. So I figured, why not? Besides, it came out today and it is autumn right now, so it has to be a perfect autumn read, right?

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