Blog Tour: The Witch Hunt by Sasha Peyton Smith

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Hello everyone! Today I’m bringing you another blog tour – but this time, it has a review attached to it. So without further delay, here is my review of The Witch Hunt by Sasha Peyton Smith. If you like – no if you LOVE books about witches, you’ll definitely want to read The Witch Hunt (and The Witch Haven, which comes first in the series) by Sasha Peyton Smith. I have to say, I adored Maxine. I loved how irreverent she could be and the way that you could tell that she cared deeply for Frances and Lena. I was also very fond of Frances and of Oliver. I think they make an adorable couple, even if they might not be quite sure exactly what they are to each other. I had a difficult time putting this book down to do things I needed to do around the house. While […]

What the Blogging Gurus Don’t Tell You

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I’m sure you’ve seen the posts. You know the ones I mean. “Improve Your SEO” or “How to Get Readers and Keep Them!” or “How to Keep Loving Blogging”. They tell you how to fix your SEO so Google will love you and show you on the first page of search results. They tell you how to get readers and keep them coming back – usually by insisting upon your having social media. They tell you all the hard things about blogging and then tell you how to help keep those things from making you quit. But there are things they don’t tell you. You won’t read any of these blogging gurus telling you that improving your SEO isn’t a guarantee that Google will love you and put you on the first page of search results for your keyword(s). They won’t tell you that getting readers takes time and effort […]

Working on Something New…

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I’m working on some new things right now, so if you don’t see any posts for a couple of days, that’s why. I’ll still be here and I’ll still be working on getting new content up, but right now, I’m working on some projects that I need to get finished. 🙂 So if tomorrow you don’t see a new post for Starting Your Own Book Blog, don’t fret – it’ll be back soon enough!

Blog Tour: The Legend of Black Jack by A. R. Witham

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Hello faithful readers – today we have another blog tour, this time for The Legend of Black Jack by A. R. Witham. I’m a few chapters into this book so I can say with confidence it’s a good one. I’ll have a review of it for you in a couple of days. If you’d like to visit other stops on the blog tour, you can find the schedule here. But for now, on to the spotlight!

Starting Your Own Book Blog – I Set It Up, Now What?

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Ok, so now you’ve got your blog set up. You’ve created a blog on Blogger or, or maybe you’ve had a friend host you or you bought your own hosting and your blog is now installed and set up. So now what do you do? Well, first, you want to make some decisions about what you want for the blog design. Blogger & are a bit more limiting when it comes to how you design your blog, but you can still have a blog that you like, regardless. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to show you how to pick a layout for Blogger. I’ll discuss using the layouts Blogger comes with, finding free layouts for Blogger blogs on the web, and looking for paid layouts for Blogger blogs. I’ll also show you how to customize the layout to your liking – such as rearranging elements, changing […]