Book Review: Reviving the Rhythm by Amy Kaybach

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Ok, you all had to know this was coming. I’m part of Amy Kaybach’s ARC Team, so the chances of me not reviewing Blind Rebels book 3 was slim to none. Well, today is this book’s birthday, so here we are – my review of Reviving the Rhythm. This time we get Sammy’s love story and in this case, it’s a love he had and lost… of his own doing. There are things in this book that hit home for me and it took me a bit longer to read this one than the first two books. First, let’s look at our characters. Of course, we already know the lovable Sammy. He’s the peacemaker and peacekeeper in the band. He’s a fun-loving guy and he’s great with Gibson. We get to learn Sammy’s backstory and what made him who he is today. We also learn about the tragedies in his […]

Starting Your Own Book Blog – Setting Up

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So if you’re not into Blogger, or for some reason it won’t let you have the URL you want even though multiple searches through Google or Bing have turned up no blogs/websites with your blog name, you may want to try out instead. Getting Started You’ll need a account. If you’ve commented on blogs before, you may actually have one as many blogs hosted here require you to sign in with your account to leave a comment. If you do have an account, the video below will help you set your blog up. If you need to create an account, it will take you straight into the process of creating a blog, so you may need to watch a bit further into the video to see what you’ll need to do. Again, this is a screen recording with me doing a voice over. I tried to edit […]

Book Review: The Last Smile in Sunder City by Luke Arnold

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It took me a bit to read this one, but I finally got it finished. This marks the 3rd of 6 books I’d determined to finish before starting anything else, so I’m halfway finished with my September TBR. Now, on to the review. I’d heard about The Fetch Phillips Archives from Witty and Sarcastic Book Club‘s review of the 3rd book in the trilogy. It sounded like something I’d like, so I found all three books through the Libby app and checked them out. While it did take me a bit to read it, I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed it. We don’t get too many books from the perspective of a world that has lost its magic. Yes, I know, there are others, but not from the standpoint of humans were the cause of the world losing its magic. Usually there’s been some great curse or something that […]

Starting Your Own Book Blog – Setting Up Blogger

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You’ve made a decision on how much you want to spend on your blog to begin with and you’ve come up with a name. Now you need to set up your blog. This week we’ll go over how to start a blog on Blogger. Blogger is owned by Google. Many people don’t like Blogger because according to them “Google can delete your blog and all your hard work at any time.” While this is true, it’s actually true of anywhere you host your blog – Blogger,, even your paid web host can delete your blog if someone reports it to them and they feel the violation is severe enough to warrant doing so. Getting Started The first thing you’ll want to do is make sure you have a Google account. If you have a Gmail address, you have a Google account. If not, you can create one when you […]

Book Review: How to Survive Your Murder by Danielle Valentine

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CW: Murder, Gore, Death If there is one thing I can honestly say about “How to Survive Your Murder” it’s that while it isn’t a totally unique concept, the execution is pretty amazing. The reason I say the concept isn’t totally unique is that it has the “going back in time to fix things” trope – something found in books like “Again, But Better”. I know some people don’t care for that particular trope, but I don’t mind it if it’s done right. Trust me when I say it’s done right in this book. One of my favorite things about this book is the main character – she’s a horror-movie loving nerd, an expert on Final Girls. Thrown back in time to try to figure out who the real killer was and maybe save her sister, she runs up against some very interesting twists and turns. This is one of […]